Shuttl selected among sustainable energy heroes at the International Ashden Awards

Ashden Awards
Shuttl is the winner of the 2018 International Ashden Award for Sustainable Mobility.

Recently elected as the winner of the Ashden Awards 2018 in the field of Sustainable Urban Mobility, Shuttl features in Mongabay India; gets termed as a sustainable energy hero.

Mongabay, named by Time magazine as one of the best “green websites” covers environmental science and conservation news crucial to the planet.

“Undoubtedly, traffic pollution is the biggest bane of cities across India.  As more cars come on the roads, residents are subject to the pollution every day, especially as they commute to work. One of the ways to tackle this issue is to reduce the number of vehicles on the road and opt for public transport instead — exactly what Shuttl, this year’s winner of the Ashden Award for Sustainable Mobility, has been pushing for.”, writes Mongabay India.

Globally recognized as a mark of excellence in the field of green energy, Ashden is a UK- based advocacy group.
The annual Ashden Awards uncover and reward the most exciting sustainable energy pioneers in the UK and developing the world, who are leading the way to a thriving low- carbon future. 
This year 4 winners from UK and 10 winners from around the world, including Shuttl, have been awarded this prestigious award. 


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