#b2bBuzz: Shuttl launches a new digitized compliance verification dashboard for Admins

Shuttl compliance

Compliance is one of the most critical and the most difficult aspects to manage in employee transportation. Not only does it have a bearing on the safety of the employees but also on the reliability and comfort of the operations.

Traditionally, admins have only limited visibility on the compliance status of the vehicles, drivers, and vendors due to the manual way of handling things.

There are also often limited capabilities at hand for the admin to have a single view of the compliance summary and ability to take actions on the same.

The Shuttl dashboard now lets the admin team verify documents before allowing any vehicles and drivers to operate.


The admin now has complete visibility on the compliance status of documents and can also see the detailed information of vehicles and vendors with unverified, pending and expiring documents.

They can verify and accept the documents through the UI itself and if they observe any issues with a document, they can send an alert to the vendor with one click of a button.

Any documents that are set to expire also get highlighted on the dashboard and an alert is automatically triggered to the vendor.

Benefits to Admin:

  • Transparency in operations
  • Ease of handling Operations and dealing with multiple stakeholders for compliance


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