#b2bBuzz: Shuttl develops new employee management feature to track and manage employee app adoption


One common dilemma of admins, i.e., collecting and managing employee data will now soon be a thing of the past as per the recent developments in the Shuttl app.

The app earlier allowed employees to request changes to their information. But the admin team often had no visibility on how many employees actually have the app.

The admins will now see a revamped version of the Employee Management section in the Shuttl dashboard. They can now track and drive app adoption through automated reminders to employees.

Shuttl App
Shuttl App developments

Employee’s home address can also be rectified through alerts based on boarding/de-boarding information. Admins can also edit joining and leaving dates of new employees that have resigned so that rostering can adjust for them.

Benefits to Admins:

    • Track and improve Employee App Adoption
    • Seamless change management and rostering adjustments for changes in employee data (employees joining & leaving)
    • Improve Employee Data Completeness and Veracity


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