Founded in 2015, Shuttl is a technology enabled seat-based bus mobility company with a demonstrated ability to directly address the dual challenge of congestion and pollution and provide a carbon-efficient, space-efficient, safe, and cost-effective solution for urban India.

By leveraging technology and focusing on safety and comfort, the company is not only catalyzing a shift from private vehicle use to shared mobility; it is also encouraging more women to move into the workforce. Shuttl also drives entrepreneurship by providing bus owners on it’s platform with latest technology, better financing, and relevant training, to help them scale and participate in offering safer, greener, and more efficient services.

The company serves over 30,000 rides daily in Delhi-NCR region and Kolkata. Shuttl covers 60+ long routes and operates 620+ buses. Shuttl launched its tech-enabled platform in April 2015 and is funded by marquee investors Sequoia Capital, Times Internet, and Lightspeed Ventures.